These are a few customer reviews from our Ebay and Amazon stores.

Our current ebay rating is 99.6%


In Very Good Condition, Very Quick Delivery And Extremely Good Price I Couldn't Recommend Enough 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖

David, (Ebay review)

A really special local shopping experience. A very well stocked shop, incredibly friendly staff and overall a pleasure to visit. Every village should have one!

Sally, (Google Review)

The marmalade arrived promptly, and was well packed, I was very happy to receive the jars, as it is almost impossible to get elsewhere.

Joseph, (Amazon Review)

Good price and not expected to arrive until after Christmas yet you delivered in time for Christmas

Peter, (Ebay review)

Exactly what I wanted and very helpful regarding speedy delivery, too - thanks very much!

Lulu, (Ebay review)

Always exceptional customer service from this Seller. Arriving well within ETA securely wrapped and packaged. Pleased once again. Thank you graciously.

Sandra, (Ebay review)